Go Digital

Join the digital revolution! Transform your conventional career library into a dynamic digital resource for your students, job seekers or library patrons. The Virtual Career Library is a 3D career library that delivers digital career information in an interactive and engaging format. Here are just a few reasons why forward-thinking organizations are subscribing to the all new Virtual Career Library.


It’s A New Digital World

E-books, digital content,  video streaming, virtual resources are a reflection of a brand new digital world which creates opportunities for you and your organization. Tech savvy students, job seekers and library patrons are already using these electronic mediums. Now you can provide these same technologies as part of your career library services.

Go Green! Save Trees & Money

Digital career books save trees, money and help the environment. Eliminate the wear and tear and replacement problems associated with paper-based products. Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint by subscribing to the all-new Virtual Career Library.

Digital Delivery vs. Print

Why buy one hard copy career reference book to share when everyone in your organization can have simultaneous access to the same information? The Virtual Career Library provides convenient 24/7 access to over 6,000 digital career pages and over 600 on-demand videocasts.

Budget Savings

How much do you spend a year on book replacement costs? The Virtual Career Library’s low subscription price can reduce your library costs, while at the same time provide enhanced services for your students, job seekers and library patrons. At a time when you are facing increasing demand for your services with shrinking budgets, the Virtual Career Library can help you achieve your budget goals.

Unlimited 24 x 7 Access

The Virtual Career Library innovative e-publications, digital books and virtual resources provide unlimited access for everyone in your organization.

Expanded Service Delivery

In today’s fast changing employment marketplace it’s important to stay current with the most up-to-date career information. This innovative service will help you expand and promote your career library services to your entire organization.