Virtual Career Library Browser / Software Requirements

The Virtual Career Library is designed and tested to function properly with the following browsers and software:

Operating Systems:
Mac OS 9.1 and Higher
Windows 98 and Higher

Internet Browsers for the Mac:
Safari 1.0 and Higher
Firefox 1.0 and Higher

Internet Browsers for the PC:
Internet Explorer 7.0 and Higher
Firefox 1.0 and Higher

*Please note that cookies and JavaScript must be enabled on all browsers in order for the Virtual Career Library to function properly.

Multimedia Software:
Flash 7.0 and higher to watch the Virtual Career Library digital publications and videos

Linking to External Sites:
Virtual Career Library contains links to relevant websites and resources, each of which control their own software requirements. As a reminder about Virtual Career Library Linking Policy, such sites are not under the control of Virtual Career Library and Virtual Career Library is not responsible for the availability, accuracy, or any information, content, products or services accessible from such sites.